Class Launcher

  extended by consciouscode.util.Application
      extended by consciouscode.seedling.launcher.Launcher

public final class Launcher
extends Application

The standard command-line entry point for stand-alone Seedling applications. The launcher determines the complete list of modules that must be loaded, then determines the appropriate classpath. It creates a custom ClassLoader that is then used to launch Seedling.

The intended use of this class is to invoke main(java.lang.String[]) from the JVM startup sequence. The basic invocation is as follows:

java -jar launcher.jar OPTION ... module ...
This loads the specified module(s), along with any modules they require, and launches a new Seedling root. Any optional arguments must precede the list of modules.

In order for the launcher to locate and load modules, the Seedling home directory must be specified. This directory is assumed to contain a subdirectory named modules that in turn contains available modules. The Seedling home is determined as follows:

While the Seedling home directory provides the core platform modules, it is often desirable to load modules from other locations as well. The --repositories (or -r) argument declares a search path of such additional directories. This option can occur multiple times; each occurrence appends more repositories to the end of the current search path.

Seedling can be run in debug mode by providing the command-line argument --debug (or -d). This also causes the Seedling RootNode to log debugging messages, which can be particularly helpful when diagnosing problems.

For direct programmatic control over the launch process, see SeedlingBuilder.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void main(String[] args)
protected  int run(String[] args)
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Constructor Detail


public Launcher()
Method Detail


public static void main(String[] args)


protected int run(String[] args)
           throws IOException,
Specified by:
run in class Application
the application result, generally zero if the application is exiting without error.

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