Interface BranchingBranch

All Superinterfaces:
BranchNode, GrowingBranch, LocatableNode, ServiceNode
All Known Implementing Classes:
GenericBranch, ScopeManager, ScopeRoot, StandardBranch, StandardRoot

public interface BranchingBranch
extends GrowingBranch

A BranchNode that can extend itself with child branches. This interface is used by the container to provision branches on demand.

Method Summary
 BranchNode provisionChildBranch()
          Provisions a child branch intended for installation as a child of this one.
Methods inherited from interface consciouscode.seedling.GrowingBranch
installChild, uninstallChild
Methods inherited from interface consciouscode.seedling.BranchNode
availableChild, availableChildNames, getChild, getInstalledNode, getLocalRoot, getLog, getNode, installedChild, installedChildNames
Methods inherited from interface consciouscode.seedling.LocatableNode
getNodeLocation, nodeInstalled
Methods inherited from interface consciouscode.seedling.ServiceNode
startService, stopService

Method Detail


BranchNode provisionChildBranch()
                                throws NodeProvisioningException
Provisions a child branch intended for installation as a child of this one. Typically this will have the same type and configuration as the parent.

This method doesn't take a node name because we don't want provisioning to vary by name here. If that's desired then provisioning should happen in the normal way via BranchNode.availableChild(String).

a new branch to be installed within this one; not null.
NodeProvisioningException - if there's a problem providing an appropriate child branch.

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