Interface LocatableNode

All Known Subinterfaces:
BranchingBranch, BranchNode, EventfulBranch, GrowingBranch, RootNode
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractPeriodicTask, Clock, ConsoleServlet, EmptyBranch, GenericBranch, GenericNode, MemoryMonitorTask, NodeIndex, ScopeManager, ScopeRoot, SeedlingServer, ShutdownNode, StandardBranch, StandardRoot, TestRunnerNode, WikiServlet

public interface LocatableNode

A Seedling node that has knowledge of its location in the tree.

When a node implementing this interface is installed into a StandardBranch, the node's new NodeLocation is passed to nodeInstalled(consciouscode.seedling.NodeLocation).

Method Summary
 NodeLocation getNodeLocation()
          Returns the location of this node.
 void nodeInstalled(NodeLocation location)
          Register the Seedling address at which this node has been installed.

Method Detail


void nodeInstalled(NodeLocation location)
Register the Seedling address at which this node has been installed. This is called immediately after the node has been installed into the tree.

Note: This is not called setNodeLocation because the location is not intended as a writable property.

location - is this node's new location. It must not be null.


NodeLocation getNodeLocation()
Returns the location of this node. The NodeLocation can be used to access the node's name, parent branch, and path.

this node's location, or null if the node has not been installed into a Seedling.

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